Since a few weeks, the layout of the IRC logs got completely renewed. The new layout is based on the CSS created by Aankhen and used by the ilbot logger of Moritz Lenz. By the way, ilbot was inspired by IRC logger 2 on colabti.

Under the hood, the code generating the pages was completely rewritten too. This opens some new possibilities: With the new system, nicknames are now colored. Other features are coming: annotations of abbreviations, support of IRC color codes and automatic hyperlinking of some patterns (like revision numbers from subversion or tickets from the bugtracker).

In the end, the new code will also enable the usage of different backends to store the logs. Currently the logs are stored in plain text files with MIRC formatting. That format is a pain to use and uses a lot of disk space. The new system will allow to switch to another format or a database. It will also become possible to compress the logs to save disk space.

The code for the channel list, the search page and the index still needs to be rewritten. As soon as they are rewritten, the storage backend can change. They also need a better looking layout. If you have suggestions, post them here.