The colabti website lived for 4 years in a very small home. The virtual server from had only 1 GB disk space. And the operating system used a large share of it.

Small Home Photo by Jurek D.

With a service like irc logger 2, the disk space usage increases continuously. And of course, the 1 GB filled up. Deleting the old logs would defeat the purpose of the logging service. Thus, the only option left was to buy a new and more expensive vserver with more disk space. Star-hosting proposes the vServer net2-300 SMART which is slightly more expensive. But it has only 3 GB. As the logs increase continuously, it will fill up quickly again.

After searching a lot, came out with cheap vservers with a lot of disk space. On paper, they look much better than star-hosting. The netcup vServer BRONZE offers unlimited traffic, 20 GB of disk space and is much cheaper.

So last week, colabti moved to its new home at netcup. The much larger home will store the IRC logs without trouble for a long time.

The domain name continues to work. But as a consequence of the move, the old domain name will stop working very soon. Update your links and bookmarks.